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Facilities and Asset Management Engineering Internships


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Facilities Plant Engineer


  • Assist in developing basic conceptual designs, final designs, design criteria and estimates.
  • Provide maintenance support for all phases of the building’s systems including material selections, equipment installations, and incorporating contract redlines into record drawings.
  • Ensure and align internal and architectural and engineering designs with customer requirements, building codes, and applicable regulations by applying basic engineering knowledge and principles.
  • Participate in infrastructure-planning and decision-making process.

Preferred Majors

Mechanical, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry

Controls Engineer and Equipment Engineer


  • Develop, implement, and evaluate processes to optimize operational efficiency.
  • Provide maintenance support for the procurement or modification of equipment systems (e.g., vehicles, cranes, work stands, flight line equipment, material handling).
  • Review equipment designs for the acquisition, creation, or modification of equipment.
  • Incorporate maintainability and reliability principles into all specifications.
  • Verify that all equipment and its installation is documented including hardware, software, and the configuration of equipment.
  • Work with Boeing Purchasing and suppliers to get quotes.

Preferred Majors

Systems, Mechanical, Electrical, or Industrial Engineering; Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or Chemistry