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Supervisor, ITP Operations

Job ID 400 Date posted 05/15/2017
Location Englewood COLORADO United States
Job Description

Jeppesen: Transforming the way the world moves.




Supervises and directs multiple disciplines within an international trip planning organization. Establishes, oversees, and administers processes, policies, and practices and determines resource requirements, acquisition, and redeployment of resources. Applies independent, specialized technical expertise to support a wide range of business objectives, including the development, integration, implementation, and execution of multidisciplinary business processes. Interfaces with other organizations, customers, suppliers, and regulatory agencies to define and evaluate accomplishment of project and program priorities. Works cross-functionally with internal and external customers, suppliers, and employees at all levels. Manages subordinate staff to include recruiting, training, performance and compensation management, motivating, delegating and monitoring results.



Essential Duties:

  • Conveys organizational messages to facilitate the accomplishment of workgroup, project or process goals. Proactively communicates with employees, peers (e.g., fellow first-level managers) and customers. Keeps others informed by communicating project status, conducting and participating in team meetings, providing presentations and listening to employee concerns and suggestions. Communicates policies and directives to enhance employee awareness of expectations.
  • Manages subordinate staff. Forecasts resource needs and makes hiring decisions. Coaches, counsels, mentors and provides developmental opportunities and job assignments to enhance employee performance and expand capabilities. Provides on-going developmental feedback. Makes compensation recommendations in regards to hiring salaries and salary review actions.  Recognizes contributions of individuals and teams to improve employee satisfaction and retain a skilled and motivated workforce. Enforces company rules and policies regarding ethical behavior, safety, security, use of company property, time charging, etc.
  • Provides technical direction and guidance to others regarding approved processes, tools, technology and skills for own projects or processes. Ensures workgroup products or processes meet customer, company, quality, industry and regulatory requirements. Provides approval of workgroup technical approaches, products and processes. Continuously monitor and asses the performance of worldwide ground handling agents being utilized by all trip planning offices.  Perform audits when needed and or supervise the overall function of the handler auditing process. Initiate action and/or make recommendations to the ITP staff and management to correct and improve Ground handler relations, services, processes and procedures or reduce costs.
  • Leads processes to oversee ground support activities related to the actual operation of aircraft or in direct support of international flight operations.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve work-related products and processes within own workgroup, project or process. Engages and empowers employees to make process improvements.
  • Develops project or operational plans aligned to department's objectives. Implements plans to ensure business, technical and customer requirements are achieved. Assigns authority and responsibilities to employees to execute the plan. Reviews plans' execution, makes appropriate adjustments, and resolves issues. Monitors appropriate metrics to ensure performance to plan.
  • Establishes partnerships and relationships with internal customers, stakeholders, peers and direct reports. Develops workgroup, project or operational goals, objectives and related metrics to ensure alignment with Company vision/strategy. Measures progress, making adjustments as needed. Holds direct reports accountable for achieving goals. Achieves goals for productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Implements policies, procedures and documents to ensure consistent execution of processes within ITP Data Analyst group in support of Jeppesen and regulatory requirements.
  • Forecasts resource needs and obtains and manages personnel, facilities, services, equipment and tools to meet project and daily operating requirements. Acquires, deploys and schedules personnel to meet project and operational objectives. Reviews, approves and implements facility, equipment and service plans to maximize productivity and ensure safety, security, environmental and regulatory compliance. Coordinates with providers to achieve timely delivery of resources.






Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of policies and procedures that typically affect individual subordinate employees.  Knowledge of skills and abilities required by subordinate employees to accomplish organizational responsibilities.
  • Ability to accomplish results mainly through direct supervision of employees.  Often responsible for a specific phase of a project or operations.  Note: Typically includes leaders of a team or project that also have full management responsibility for direct reports.
  • Skilled in monitoring the daily operations of a unit and actively assisting or providing direction to subordinates as required.  May perform in staff or professional groups ongoing operational tasks of organization unit.
  • Ensures that projects are completed on schedule following established procedures and schedules
  • Majority of liaison is on an internal basis.  External contacts are infrequent and involve routine matters.


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