Business Unit: Boeing Defence Australia
Location: Williamtown, Australia
University: University of Newcastle
Degree Program: Aerospace Systems Engineering

What Boeing product(s) or service(s) do you work on?

I had the opportunity to work for Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) with the Classic Hornet Sustainment Support team in Williamtown. I worked predominately for the Hornet Structures and Hornet Propulsion and Airframe Systems team.

What was the most rewarding project you've worked on as a Boeing intern?

The most rewarding project I worked on was reviewing life-limited repairs on the Royal Australian Air Force’s Classic Hornet fleet, a task assigned to another intern and myself. I reviewed engineering disposition reports to determine if any historical repairs needed further management within the safe-life limit register or whether they should undergo further review by an experienced structural engineer. This project was rewarding in that my work was to ensure the continued safety of the fleet.

How did your internship experience at Boeing influence your future career?

Having only just finished my first year of an aerospace degree at university, my internship has certainly reaffirmed that engineering is the career path I’d like to continue. Through my experiences, I’ve discovered that I enjoy working within a defense-orientated environment, and particularly with Boeing Defence Australia (BDA). I feel that this internship has allowed me to seriously consider a long-term career with BDA.

What have you learned as an intern that you wouldn't learn from your coursework?

I was fortunate enough to spend the first month working with our technicians and contractors in the deeper maintenance hangar in Williamtown, where extensive aircraft maintenance is performed. I was able to assist in inspections of the aircraft, as well as helping to remove and install parts onto the aircraft. I gained many practical skills, such as lock wiring, and a much more in-depth knowledge of the aircraft which I would not have learnt during my university coursework.

What's something you wish you knew before you started your internship?

I wish I had known more about engineering and its application in an aerospace domain. Having only just finished the first year of my degree, my knowledge of engineering concepts and practices was limited to a somewhat generalized and basic understanding of the core knowledge required in the engineering field. However, I quickly found that I picked up the concepts, and what I learned will make my coming years at university easier as I now understand the real-world application of what I’m learning.

What inspires you about Boeing's mission and the work we do?

Boeing’s mission and the work it completes is inspiring to me because it demonstrates the company’s amazing culture and emphasis on working together as a team for aerospace innovation. Boeing is a leading company not just in aerospace innovation, but also in regard to its working culture and holistic approach.