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Richard PillansBoeing Defence UK Chief Test Pilot

Richard works with his team to gather information about everything from engine performance to mission systems, ensuring the aircraft is safe to fly on the front line. His story is as unique as the skills and experience he brings to Boeing.

I started flying lessons at16 YEARS OLD.

"As a boy, I had to pick up an extra paper round in Petersfield to save money for them. I got my pilot’s licence at 17, and that was even before I could drive a car."

I started flying lessons a 16 YEARS OLD. I started flying lessons a 16 YEARS OLD.
Richard Joined the military and flew with 663 SQUADRON, Army Air Corps.

Joined the military and flew with 663 SQUADRON, Army Air Corps.

"Becoming a test pilot stands out – being able to start contributing to the design of the helicopters, rather than just flying operationally. I was testing on the Apache to enable a wider centre of gravity envelope, so the aircraft could carry extended-range fuel tanks in Afghanistan."

Richard Joined the military and flew with 663 SQUADRON, Army Air Corps.

Left the Army for the private sector and created an AUTOPILOT-LED DUST LANDING.

"One of my roles was to bring an updated rotorcraft to service. A lot of helicopters – all kinds – may lose visual references during a dust landing. I designed a technique to land that focused on getting the best out of a human and the best out of a machine."

Richard Pillans Richard Pillans

Came to Boeing as the CHIEF TEST PILOT.

"The opportunity to be a chief test pilot comes up so infrequently – I felt very fortunate. It was the right time, the right place and the right company."

Richard Pillans Richard Pillans

Build sheds when I’m not getting 15 TONNES of helicopter airborne.

"Slightly closer to home, I do quite enjoy building things. The last project over the past year or so is building a shed in my garden. Maybe I’m not that exciting after all. But the shed is quite attractive."

Richard Pillans Richard Pillans
Richard Pillans Richard Pillans

I’m in the air 2-3 HOURS for most flights.

"The data we gather – the work we do – proves the Chinook are safe before they go on the front line. It’s humbling. You sit in the pilot’s seat and you think that this aircraft will be on operations across the globe. We feel good about supporting the team overseas."

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