Continuous improvement is a theme for Enrica Alfonzetti. She strives for it as a Boeing industrial engineer and in her personal and professional development.

“I’ve always had a passion for improving myself through continuous education,” Enrica said. “It’s a big reason why I was drawn to Boeing.”

Enrica works in Grottaglie, Italy, supporting manufacturing and supply chain efficiency through Boeing partner Leonardo. Prior to joining Boeing in 2013, Enrica earned a master’s degree in Management of Production Systems, which helps in her position as a business intelligence analyst. Her job is to look for areas to streamline and reduce supply chain costs through lean practices.

That led her to the Learning Together Program (LTP), Boeing’s tuition assistance benefit that provides generous funding for certifications, individual courses, certificate programs and degrees.

After enrolling at Villanova University, Enrica earned a Green Belt and then Black Belt certification—signifying someone who can lead and manage projects—in Six Sigma lean methodologies. She also took a management certificate course through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Employees can choose to study at hundreds of partner colleges and universities.

“The Learning Together Program is a great benefit to me as a person and as a Boeing employee.”

“I never would have had access to these prestigious universities if not for LTP,” Enrica said. “And the courses were recorded, so as an international student working full-time in a different time zone, I could study when it was convenient for me.”

Enrica appreciated that LTP pays the schools directly, removing the financial burden for employees.

Enrica has also taken data analytics coursework at an Italian university in Milan, through LTP. She says the opportunities the program creates have been life and career-changing.

“To advance your career, you have to take care of and nurture your specific passions,” Enrica said. “LTP gives you a second chance to learn knowledge you don’t have but always wanted.”

And since there are no limits to how many times you can use LTP, Enrica says she’s not finished. She would like to become a Boeing manager and eventually get her MBA. It’s all part of her continuous improvement journey, which she feels helps everyone around her.

“LTP is a great benefit to me as a person and as a Boeing employee,” Enrica said. “And Boeing also benefits from having workers who are always striving to improve themselves.”

About the Learning Together Program

Boeing’s industry-leading Learning Together Program provides tuition assistance for teammates around the world.

Eligible tuition and expenses for select STEM degrees and certificate courses are fully funded. And generous allowances are available for many other degree and non-degree programs, including up to $7,500 per year for associate degrees, $15,000 per year for bachelor degrees and $25,000 per year for graduate degrees.

Best of all, we’ll pay your institution directly, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

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