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Systems Engineering Careers


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Our systems engineering team includes interdisciplinary engineers at the core of architecting and managing complex aerospace and defense systems. Here, you can draw on multiple information sources while collaborating with diverse groups globally to synthesize solutions that meet or exceed our customers' needs.

You will help drive the overall design of cutting-edge and high-quality products and solutions. You’ll have opportunities to apply expertise in areas such as model base systems engineering, systems architecture, concepts of operations, human factors engineering, safety, reliability, test and integration throughout the product and system life cycle. Join us and help create what’s next in aerospace and defense.


“I really like what I’m doing. There is so much opportunity for growth. We have the resources and invaluable information coming in every day with autonomous systems, and the position I’m in right now is perfect.”

Meghan Guerrero Echo Voyager ProgramSystems Engineer, Vehicle Operator, Field Director and SwimmerHuntington Beach, California

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