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Cybersecurity Careers


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On our cybersecurity team, your skills and knowledge will help create and utilize cutting-edge technology to protect people and systems from harm. While working on projects for the defense and intelligence communities, you’ll have access to advanced tools that give customers full-spectrum information advantages and improve the speed, relevance and security of their work. You’ll have access to support and training as well as the opportunity to enhance the art of cybersecurity. Join us, and help keep communities and countries safe.

“We helped one of our customers simulate their own computer network in our 'Cyber-Range-In-A-Box' so they could test for vulnerabilities. This specialized equipment allows customers to recreate large-scale cyber warfare in a controlled environment. Our customers can create a good-guy-bad-guy scenario to pinpoint, and ultimately resolve, weaknesses in their defense systems.”

Randy Siegel Cyber Test and Evaluation Lead Herndon, Virginia

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