When Jennifer started her Boeing career, she had a high school diploma. Today, as a senior Test & Evaluation manager, Jennifer is working on her doctorate in business management. She uses her research on psychological safety to create a safe, healthy, and productive workplace for her team.

What initially drew you to Boeing?

When the company I worked for withdrew the paychecks they’d just issued, I knew it was time for more stable employment. I went to a career fair and spoke with Boeing employees. I was familiar with the company and knew it offered the stability I sought. So, I handed in my resume.

Walk us through your career so far. What roles have you had?

I started in very technical and analytical roles. I never imagined myself managing people. My managers saw something in me I didn’t see in myself. They encouraged me to leave my comfort zone, and I’m so grateful. I discovered leading people is my passion.

What type of training or educational development opportunities helped your career?

I have heavily utilized Boeing’s Learning Together Program (LTP) which offers tuition assistance. I earned my bachelor’s and master’s, and I’m finishing my doctorate.

"Boeing's Learning Together Program is an incredible benefit. I would not be where I am without it."

Where do you hope to go from here?

I want to continue to do research. I want to explore additional workplace topics related to systemic bias and, hopefully, one day, write a book. You know, a few small goals.