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Gain experience in many different areas of the company


Business Career Foundation Program (2 years)

Business Skills Rotation Program (3 years)

While helping to solve business challenges in these programs, you’ll work on projects in accounting, business operations, contracts, estimating and pricing, financial planning and more. Your in-depth assignments will build a strong skills foundation and you’ll have ample networking opportunities along with exposure to executives and industry leaders.

Learn more about the Business Rotation Programs (PDF)

Information Technology Career Foundation Program (2 years)

IT professionals at Boeing help us build the future. As part of this program, you’ll gain broad exposure to our IT function while working in areas like cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud computing, application development, network designing, information security and global IT projects.


Human resources Career Foundation Program (2 years)

In this program, you’ll complete challenging rotational assignments across the human resources spectrum and enhance your leadership capabilities. While gaining a wide professional network and a holistic understanding of human resources, you’ll rotate through four roles, attend networking events, tour various Boeing sites and work with a mentor.


Engineering Career Foundation Program (2 Years)

At Boeing, our engineers drive our innovations. This two-year rotational program will put you in the middle of everything. While gaining a wide scope of experience, you’ll work on all phases of our product lifecycle. Every six months, you’ll move to a new area that could cover technology development, product definition, hardware/software support, product support, infrastructure support and more. You’ll work with amazing people across the organization and work with your mentor to define your career path.

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We help students from all backgrounds get an education


Student Programs

How do we help students? By creating opportunities for them to succeed in our company and in their own careers. We invite them to join us before they graduate as interns or co-ops and learn alongside the industry’s top people and get real, hands-on aerospace experience. We also have externships and enrichment programs to help further their development.


Student Scholarships

We proudly provide over 1,200 academic scholarships to students across the country. These scholarships are awarded directly to students by the academic institutions. If you want to learn more, ask your school about Boeing-funded scholarships.