Kristin Innes is a senior manager in the Learning & Development organization. Her story is part of a series celebrating the perspectives and accomplishments from LGBTQIA+ employees across the enterprise.

Kristin Innes, senior manager in the Learning and Development organization, came to Boeing as an enterprise resource planning analyst. Her passion is in project management where she is focused on the development of current and aspiring leaders across the company.

When it came time for Kristin and her wife, Bonnie, to start their family, she got to put some of those logical skills to the test while incorporating a more empathetic side as well. The in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, after all, is a lot less predictable than a learning program or development project.

“The things you plan sometimes don’t happen the way that you thought,” Kristin said. “I needed to step back. This is an actual person we’re growing into being, and that is really exciting.” Currently, Bonnie is almost three months pregnant with their first child, created from one of Kristin’s eggs and a sperm donor.

Kristin and Bonnie at their wedding.
Kristin Innes and her wife, Bonnie, pose at their wedding. Using in vetro fertilization, Bonnie is now carrying their first child, due this winter. (Innes photo)

Kristin is excited that other Boeing families will be able to get the financial support they need for the process. Most Boeing-sponsored medical plans now cover IVF for eligible U.S. employees. The process can be exhausting and expensive, especially considering how it can sometimes take several tries for a pregnancy to take hold, but the results — a new life and addition to the family — are priceless.

“It’s such an intimate process,” Kristin said. “The technology we have today, the support we have from providers, and the fact Boeing is offering support through insurance enables more autonomy for couples to be who they are and build a family the way they want to.”

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