In March of 2020, video and phone interviews became Boeing’s standard practice. It’s one of ways we’re keeping our team members, job-seekers and community safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since joining #TeamBoeing, Dalena Nguyen has helped hundreds of candidates navigate our recruitment process. It’s just part of her role as a talent acquisition advisor for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle, Wash. Below, Dalena shares her top tips for a successful virtual interview.

If job interviews weren’t already stressful, virtual interviewing which has its own nuances—whether it’s family members or roommates making surprise appearances, audio delays creating awkward silences, or your dog barking at the delivery person. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little anxious. You’re not alone. Many job seekers are learning how to navigate this new, virtual territory.

1. Pick a good location. For video interviews, pick a room that has optimal lighting or sit in front of a window so there are no shadows on your face. If choosing a window location, consider whether it might come with distractions such people, cars, or puppies. Also, check there’s no private information visible in the background.

2. Limit any distractions (within your power!). We know that the pandemic has changed the way that many people live, so your interviewers will be understanding of surprise guest appearances from family members or pets. But do limit on-screen distractions that are within your control by exiting out of browsers and other applications not in use, and silence phones, tablets, and smart home devices.

3. Start setting up early. Technical issues happen. Test your technology early so you can be on time and make a good impression. Download and familiarize yourself with WebEx ahead of the interview, and test your webcam and microphone. If possible, have backup headphones handy. View our instructions for interviewing via WebEx.

4. Dress for success. I am a big believer in “look good, feel good,” so put on your best outfit for a confidence boost. Your clothes should be appropriate for the role you’re interviewing for. While only the top-half of your body will be visible, put on your entire outfit. You never know if you’ll need to stand up mid-interview.

5. Let your personality shine. Showing your personality through phone or video may feel awkward, but authenticity is valued. We’re not only interested in your qualifications and work experiences—we want to get a sense of all the things that make you, you. Share your unique perspective, experiences and personal interests.

Download our Interview Preparation Guide for more tips on interviewing with Boeing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your talent acquisition advisor with any questions. Best of luck!