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Tresha's career journey


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‘When you feel like the professor, it’s time to be the student again’

I’ve had the chance to learn, grow and expand my knowledge in ways I never imagined. I used to say that if I could retire as chief engineer of a program, I’d be content. Now that I’m here, I realize there’s so much more to learn.

When did you know you were ready for your next move?

When you feel you’re in the position where you’re the professor of your role and can teach it to someone else, you should do that — and then explore another role and become the student.

What skill has been most beneficial to you? And how did you hone that skill?

Communication. Knowing how to communicate with your audience is so important. That came with practice and seeking feedback.

What’s a fear that you had to overcome to get where you are now?

I used to feel I had to already be the expert before taking on a new role. Then I realized it’s about learning and leaning on the amazing team of people around you.

Where do you hope to go from here?

I still have lots to learn in my current role. But I’d love to try this position out in another program someday.

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