Twenty-one years ago, Ida Eggeblad worked as a temp, helping to coordinate a Boeing-sponsored event. Impressed with her coordinating skills, a company representative offered her a full-time position on the team. While her skill set initially earned her the role, her love for her teammates is what keeps her motivated to make global connections from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Walk us through your career so far.

One thing has remained constant throughout my career: I love connecting with my multi-cultural teammates and making sure they feel included, cared for and part of the team.

"We have the opportunity to work with a diverse team at Boeing. We can lead by example, really showing what inclusivity looks like in action."

What advice would you give someone as they build their Boeing career?

Take charge. Boeing offers endless possibilities. Take stretch assignments, learn about different business units and step outside of your comfort zone. Your career path is what you make it.

What skill has been most beneficial to you?

Interpersonal skills are crucial. In every role I’ve had, I make sure everyone is on the same page, communicating with key stakeholders, listening and understanding their needs.

How do you establish work-life harmony?

My best advice is to find a support system and keep them close. Knowing support is there — whether or not you need it — brings so much peace. Also, schedule time for your health and wellbeing. Plan exercise around work to make sure it’s part of your daily routine.

Where do you plan to go from here?

I’d love to eventually merge my experiences. I enjoyed the fast-paced environment of my previous role working with our airline customers, and I love that my current role is people-centric. Leading others in a fast-paced environment would be a fun challenge.