Business Unit: Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Location: Everett, Washington
University: University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Degree Program: B.S. in Electrical Engineering

What program and team are you a part of, and what kind of work are you doing?

I am part of the B-52 Engine Performance and Operability team. I am currently improving the efficiency and feasibility of the data analysis and reports generation for the team using automation techniques.

How did you hear about Boeing’s internship opportunity and why did you decide to apply?

I have always been passionate about the aerospace industry and the technological development behind it. Boeing came to the job fair at my university campus looking for interns and offered an excellent opportunity to explore and get involved in multiple engineering areas.

What excites you the most about Boeing’s mission and in what ways is your team making a real-world impact?

Being able to provide the world with accessible, safer, and quality alternatives has always been part of my objective as a young professional and Boeing shares those objectives in its mission. My team will improve our military customers’ fleet, which supports global security and protects freedom. It will also reduce the environmental footprint by reducing the fuel consumption, and lower the cost of missions.

What has been your favorite experience at your internship so far?

I had the opportunity to walk by the 777X aircrafts inside the main factory. Watching the manufacturing process and the scale of the machinery used was the best experience.

In what ways do you feel supported?

My team has always given me feedback about my work and how to perform better professionally. They give me recommendations for workshops and professional activities, as well as promoting networking opportunities between leaders and fellow interns.

How has your internship shaped your educational and career goals?

I have gained knowledge about the aerospace industry and learned how to be professional in my job.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in interning at Boeing?

Invest short times in long-term goals. It is better to complete small steps daily during the long term to obtain something greater in return, rather than trying hard in a large step that eventually does not give you the expected result.