Chandler Frink has always been intrigued by how things are built.

“It’s fascinating to me to look behind the scenes," she said.

That’s why Chandler felt she was a perfect fit for the Quality Career Foundation Program (QCFP), a two-year leadership program where participants learn the intricacies of quality, data analytics and product management. It’s one of our company’s many career development offerings.

Our Quality team works closely with Manufacturing and Safety to ensure every product is built with safety, quality and integrity.

“I’ve always known the important role quality plays at Boeing,” Chandler said. “Quality is literally life-saving for aircraft that carry passengers thousands of feet in the air.”

The QCFP program has taken Chandler from North Charleston, South Carolina, to St. Louis, Missouri, and now Everett, Washington where she’s currently supporting the 777/777X Quality group.

In addition to enjoying the work, Chandler says the connections she’s made have been invaluable.

“The QCFP opened my eyes to how large Boeing is, but at the same time the program has made it a smaller company for me,” she said. “The exposure I’ve gotten to different groups and teams has absolutely been worth it.”

Chandler’s career journey began with two internships at Boeing South Carolina when she was a business major at the local university. She considers herself a continuous learner, has completed a master’s degree in business analytics/data science, and is now currently enrolled in an MBA program.

All of Chandler’s advanced schooling has been funded through our industry-leading tuition assistance benefit—the Learning Together Program.

“Taking a full course load while working full time is demanding, but I have a lot of support from Boeing,” Chandler said. “To stay on schedule, I write everything down—it’s like my own personal quality audit.”

Chandler has decided to complete her final QCFP rotation with her current 777/777X team. Chandler feels like she's found the right place to pursue her passions of business intelligence, data analytics, and data engineering, focusing on their roles in quality.

“Boeing is a great place for learning,” Chandler said. “Here you can build your career the way you want.”

About the Learning Together Program

Boeing’s industry-leading Learning Together Program provides tuition assistance for teammates around the world.

Eligible tuition and expenses for select STEM degrees and certificate courses are fully funded. And generous allowances are available for many other degree and non-degree programs, including up to $7,500 per year for associate degrees, $15,000 per year for bachelor degrees and $25,000 per year for graduate degrees.

Best of all, we’ll pay your institution directly, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.