Business Unit: Boeing Defense, Space & Security
Location: Seal Beach, California
University: University of South Florida
Degree Program: B.S. in Computer Science

What program and team are you a part of, and what kind of work are you doing?

I work with Boeing Defense, Space & Security as a Ground Systems Engineering Intern. I help create and edit code within a defense program, as well as listen to customer feedback to improve our product.

How did you hear about Boeing’s internship opportunity and why did you decide to apply?

I heard about Boeing’s Internship opportunity at my university through an organization I am a part of called the Society of Women Engineers. I decided to apply because I wanted more experience in the field and thought that Boeing would be able to meet the wants and needs that I prioritize within a company. At first, I was intimidated by the big name of Boeing, but I did not want that to hold me back from working at a company whose values align with mine.

What excites you the most about Boeing’s mission and in what ways is your team making a real-world impact?

I absolutely love that teams at Boeing pride themselves on working together to learn and inspire others within the field, to help and innovate for future generations to come. It is exciting to know that I am making an impact on society and the people around me, even if it is something small.

What has been your favorite experience so far?

Working hands-on with other coworkers to get a feel of what it is like to be a true software engineer. I have been treated very well within my team and I can feel that they want me to succeed. It has also been fun working with other interns because we can all help each other with anything, and give each other support when needed.

In what ways do you feel supported?

My manager has been one of my biggest support systems so far. Whenever I need anything, he is there and always has a solution. He checks in with me very often and enjoys hearing about what I am learning, and tries to ask questions to further learn about the impact we are making. Everyone I have met so far has been very supportive and has offered help whenever I need it. It has allowed me to be more comfortable within the workplace, and makes me feel more part of the team.

How has your internship at Boeing shaped your educational and career goals?

It has confirmed that this is the type of work I want to pursue. For the past few years I was not 100% sure about the path I wanted to follow post-graduation; however, working with Boeing has allowed me to determine that this is where I want to continue. I enjoy working with others and ensuring that I am giving my full effort to further the success of the company.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in interning at Boeing?

I think many individuals avoid larger companies that can open the doors to greater opportunities, with the fear of not being enough, or fear of rejection. Whether you are accepted or not, be proud that you took the risk. Do not underestimate what you can bring to the table and be confident in your work. When I first joined the team, I was afraid because I still had so much to learn. However, I have since realized that this is truly a learning experience and it is important to view it as such. My advice is to not feel alone or as if you are behind because there is a great support system here that is willing to help you every step of the way. There is no silly question and everyone is more than happy to answer it. Joining Boeing has completely changed my mindset on how I go about life.