Business Unit: Boeing Commercial Aviation Services Europe Ltd.
Location: Frimley, UK
University: University of Nottingham
Degree Program: MEng Aerospace Engineering with Industrial Placement Year

What program and team did you work on?

My role was a year-long Design Engineer Intern and I worked within the Structures team in Frimley, UK for Boeing Commercial Aviation Services Europe. The office worked on aircraft modifications in line with European Union Aviation Safety Agency regulations.

Why did you decide to apply at Boeing, and what about Boeing's mission and the work we do inspires you?

I applied to Boeing because my aspiration as an Aerospace Engineering university student has always been to try and bring a positive change to the way we work and travel. I find it inspiring that no matter what field of engineering or what function you work in at Boeing, your team will strive for first time quality and integrity, as well as advocate for a diverse, equal and inclusive environment within your team.

What kind of skills are you building during your internship?

I have been able to build upon a variety of skills ranging from communication and teamwork to problem solving and organization, as well as gain a lot of confidence in myself and the work I was completing.

What has been your proudest moment as a Boeing intern?

My proudest moment during my internship has been working with a number of individuals on the launch of BEPA Europe (Boeing Employees Pride Alliance), one of Boeing’s employee-led Business Resource Groups. I feel like a safe space was created when the group launched that I know many individuals will learn from and appreciate. I was able to learn more about the community as well as hear more about what Boeing are doing in helping their employees and their family and friends.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in interning at Boeing?

Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t know much about an internship, as Boeing acknowledges that an internship is an opportunity for you to learn. I didn’t know much about the industry standard tools I would be using at the company, but my team were really supportive in providing me training and advice whenever needed.

When you look back at this experience in five years, what do you think will be your greatest learning as a Boeing intern?

My greatest learning as an intern will be gaining an insight into interior aircraft modifications and the importance of safety, certification and airworthiness. This is something that has been spoken about briefly at university, however having worked in the industry, I have grown to appreciate that aircraft changes must be qualified to the correct regulatory requirements to ensure customer satisfaction, and most importantly safety.