Business Unit: Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Location: Everett, Wash.
University: Illinois Institute of Technology
Degree Program: M.E. Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

What are you looking forward to during your virtual internship this summer?

I am excited to learn about the Supply Chain Strategy of the Boeing Company, apply my business-related knowledge from my past internship and contribute to the awesome work that my team does. I am also looking forward to making valuable connections and getting to know other business units.

How is your internship experience different to your school online learning?

There are certainly many more resources and tools available at Boeing that make this virtual internship experience real. The communication in the team is very straightforward and there is constant support from my mentor and each team member. Everyone cares about how my experience is going. They are always willing to help and answer any questions I have, and I really feel as if I am part of the Boeing family. Although my school did a decent job at teaching online, the online learning experience was not as smooth compared to this internship.

In five years, when you look back at this experience, what do you think will be your greatest learning as a Boeing intern?

I believe that I am learning how to stay productive regardless of the work location. I also think that working as an intern in a virtual setting teaches me how to professionally communicate via emails, phone calls or video conferences.

How is the internship incorporating ‘fun’ into the experience with your team or other interns?

We have virtual intern events on a regular basis where we share our progress, get to know each other, and learn about the experience of past interns who became full-time employees. As a returning intern, I can state that the virtual internship is not less fun compared to the on-site experience. We still get to attend virtual tours and trainings with interns on our teams.

What about Boeing's mission and the work we do inspires you?

Commitment to excellence in delivering high quality aircraft is one of the main Boeing missions that inspires me the most. I am also inspired by working for a company that actually cares about diversity and inclusion. Everyone feels safe, respected and valued at the workspace.

How do you want to build the future?

In my opinion, building the future of Boeing relies on maintaining a positive work attitude, being accountable at all times, and respecting the values and missions of the company. I want to excel in my field of study and bring my knowledge back to further improve the services we provide. Continuous learning, following ethics and committing to excellence are also key parts of building a successful future.

What Boeing product(s) or service(s) do you work on?

I work on Supply Chain Strategy for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Describe one or two things you’ve learned as an intern, that you wouldn’t learn from your coursework.

Never be afraid to speak up, ask questions and address concerns. It’s better to be safe than sorry. We are responsible for the services we provide, and it is very important to prevent any possible mistakes or failures.